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    Massage: A Buyers’ Guide

    Massage is a lovely indulgence for a winter’s day; a blissful bite of me time, which requires the smart phone to be put away and you to truly relax. But with so many types of massage it can be hard to choose the one which is right for you or understand the ones not suitable for you. Before you book your next massage read our buyers guide for all you need to know.

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    Winter Nail Trends

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  • Brazilian Waxing

    Brazilian Waxing – the Buyers Guide

    This week we have put together a Buyer’s Guide to Brazilian Waxing, tackling those questions we are often asked: Where does the Brazilian Wax hail from and what makes a great Brazilian wax?

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    Autumn Nail Trends

    As we bid farewell to Summer 2014, it is time to put the tropical carnival colours and bright neons back on the shelf and dip our nails into some Autumn hues. Autumn 2014 nail trends are the most classic collection we’ve seen for many seasons, making a good nail shape and well-manicured hands all the more important.

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    Stocking up on Supplements

    MILK’s mobile beauty therapist, Sarah, gives us the lowdown on her New Year’s Resolutions and finally committing to vitamin supplements.

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  • MILK Beauty The Bikram Challenge

    The Bikram Yoga Challenge

    Love it or loathe it, the most controversial yoga in town has certainly caused a storm

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