Getting ready for the New Year in Style!

Milk Beauty Pamper Parties London

Everybody wants to feel and look their best celebrating the New Year.  With MILK Beauty at your fingertips let us take the hassle and stress out of getting fabulous!


With MILK’s London mobile beauty services at your disposal at weekends and late nights no need to panic that you won’t get that last minute party prep squeezed in, take time, relax and breeze into the New Year feeling and looking gorgeous!

Midweek Massage

Mobile Massage London

Feeling tiered and stressed after Christmas and can no longer stand the smell of mince pies?

Unwind and take some time out to indulge yourself, as well as being a pampering treat and way to unwind the benefits of massage are vast. From helping to combat stress and anxiety to easing sore tense muscles. What can you do to prepare for your mobile massage service?

A hot shower or bath can prepare tense muscles and boost the benefits of massage, heating the muscle helps to loosen them. Result? Feeling SUPER relaxed and refreshed and who wouldn’t want that? And how about things you can do after your massage? WATER, WATER, WATER…..not only is water just a good idea for you in general, water is essential post massage. Your massage has just released all those nasty toxins from those stressed out muscles give your body a little extra help and flush those toxins out quicker!


Mobile Facials London

Skin has always been the thing! Having beautiful skin is not predestined for those lucky few who grace the cover of the glossies weekly, good skin needs to be worked for and maintained! Having a morning and night time face routine is essential to maintaining both skin appearance and youthfulness it is also essential in terms of fighting the eternal battle with the ageing process.

Decongesting facials are a great way of giving the skin that extra boost when it needs it. Having facials is never more important than in these cold winter months when the heating is on full blast and we have all over indulged in those yummy, but not so good for us treats! Having a good facial leaves the skin feeling and looking refreshed, if the skin has become dehydrated and sluggish – and let’s face it with the central heating on full blast how could it not be, a facial will leave it feeling taut and nourished.


Mobile Waxing London

Maybe you’ve been hiding in thick leggings or tights this winter, but are breaking out and diving in to a gorgeous sparkly number this New Year? Put that razor down! Waxing will not only remove unwanted hair but will also mean hair free skin for longer.

To make your wax as smooth as the result, you can try some mobile waxing services, it is quick and easy! What can you do after a wax? Exfoliating will decrease the risk of having ingrowing hairs, and also ease pain during your next wax session. Sea salt based exfoliators work wonders as it has a drawing, cleansing effect and prevents the build-up of cells on the surface of the skin!

Magical Manicure

Mobile Manicure London

Need the perfect accessory for your fabulous New Year’s Eve dress? Look no further than gorgeously manicured hands from MILK’s London wide Mobile Nail Technicians. As well as bringing an outfit together nails can make a whole statement just on their own. Be bold this New Years and go for something a little different why not add some festive sparkles to your polished to perfection nails, or stay bang on trend with ox blood red or deeply delicious deep brown? Whatever the shade let your nails say something about you it is the New Year after all!


Booking a mobile beauty visit has never been easier, MILK Beauty offers mobile beauty therapy appointments across London.