The Home Facial: How To


With the shorter days and the cold and wet weather now a daily occurrence, we start to notice a change in our skin, think dull and drab…just like the weather! So I guess we are all wondering how we can get that gorgeous summer glow back and help inject some life into our skin.

Of course we can book a professional home facials with MILK Mobile Beauty, but what about in between treatments, how can we maintain a healthy complexion? I am going to explain to you in this blog how to perform a simple home facial which will be designed for all skin types.

Start with the Eyes + Lips

First you will need to fill a bowl with lukewarm water and have some cotton pad discs (dry and dampened), a head band and some towels ready. The first step of the home facial is to do an eye and lip cleanse. A lot of eye make-up removers are designed to be used on the lip area also.

Use your dampened cotton wool discs with eye make-up remover/lip cleanse applied to the disc, close the eyes and gently sweep the cotton disc over the entire eye area right to the brow bone, be careful not to ‘drag’ the skin in this area as it is very delicate and susceptible to premature ageing. The same action is used for the lip cleanse.

Cleanse + Cleanse Again

Once you have fully cleansed the eyes and lips you are now ready for your facial cleanse. At this stage you can decide which method of facial cleanse is preferable to you. I find that most people tailor this to their individual skin type, for example, a dry skin type may opt for a creamy cleanser applied with dry cotton wool, whereas an oily skin may opt for a facial wash applied mixed with water.

Whichever you choose, the facial cleanse should be performed twice to ensure all traces of make-up and dirt is thoroughly removed from the skin.


Your skin should be thoroughly cleansed at this stage and free of any make up or dirt. The next step of the home facial is exfoliation of the skin. Exfoliating the skin helps to remove any dulling debris and helps to brighten and smooth the skin. A variety of exfoliators are available, once again this should be chosen based on your individual skin type.

If you have a dry, sensitive skin a gentle exfoliator should be used, whereas an oily, or sun damaged skin may benefit from a stronger exfoliator. Most exfoliators are designed to be used 2-3 times per week, however this varies between individual brands, therefore it is worth checking what the product recommends and also what your individual experience is whilst using the product.

Exfoliators should always be mixed with a little water, applied like a facial wash and thoroughly removed using either water splashed directly on the face or with dampened cotton wool.

If you suffer from congested skin, which if you live in the city you will experience at some stage due to the high levels of pollution, then your skin will benefit from a steam. This helps to open the pores and effectively cleanse the skin by the skins natural process of sweating.

The best form of steaming at home is to boil some water, pop this in a bowl and with a towel over your head to trap the steam hold your face over the bowl with your eyes closed. Be mindful not to hold your face too close, a few minutes is all that is needed to effectively open the pores. Once you have finished steaming you are now ready to apply a face mask.


For an oily skin use a clay based mask which will help to absorb any excess oil. For a drier skin a gel based or cream mask will help to hydrate the skin. Remove the mask using luke warm water and cotton wool discs.

The final stage of the home facial is to hydrate your skin. Apply a moisturiser, an eye cream and finally a good sunscreen. Apply your chosen moisturiser based on your individual skin needs, this should be applied to the entire face and neck area in upward strokes being careful to avoid the delicate eye area.

This completes your ‘home facial’, this simple routine will enable you to have beautiful skin in between your professional facial treatments provided by the expert mobile beauty therapists at MILK Beauty.

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