Massage: a Buyer's Guide


Massage is a lovely indulgence for a winter’s day; a blissful bite of me time, which requires the smart phone to be put away and you to truly relax. But with so many types of massage it can be hard to choose the one which is right for you or understand the ones not suitable for you. Before you book your next massage read our buyers guide for all you need to know.

Which Type of Massage to Choose

Lava shell, Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, hot stone, aromatherapy, Indian Head … and I could go on. Once you’ve decided to indulge in that golden hour of relaxation you want to choose the type of massage which will fit your needs, which can be no small task! So here is our quick summary of the most popular massage techniques.

Swedish Massage

The go-to style for most massage afecionados. This technique is used in the very best spas and wellbeing centres worldwide and is carried out on a massage bed using oil. One of the primary goals of Swedish massage is to relax the entire body while also increasing levels of oxygen to the blood, decreasing muscle toxins improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

The technique employs long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. You’ll be asked to remove your clothes leaving on your own or disposable pants. Relaxing music, dim lighting and a heated blanket should all feature in a good Swedish massage. A trained massage therapist should always tailor your massage to your needs.

Buyers Tips: Confirm that the therapist is trained in Swedish Massage before you book. See if you can take a peak at the set up. A comfy, warm massage couch, aromatherapy scents and relaxing music should all be part of the service. When we visit clients for massage we always arrive with a massage couch, heated blanket, relaxing music and aromatherapy scents. And remember to tell your therapist about any areas of tension so she can focus your massage on these.

Indian Head & Chair Massage

Can be carried out on a normal chair or, even-better, a specially designed massage chair which will allow the therapist to reach all of the client’s head, back neck and shoulders. Indian Head Massage is a stimulating massage style focussed on the scalp with gentle tugging on hair and rubbing movements to stimulate blood flow. We love this style of massage for office visits as it does not require oil and can be carried out over clothes. Clients can enjoy the benefits of massage in a short 15 minute window, a fantastic alternative to the afternoon coffee break!

Buyers Tips: If you are booking an Office Massage session check that the therapist is experienced in office massage and knows how to tailor the treatment to the work environment.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage techniques are similar to Swedish massage techniques, but as the name suggests this massage works in the deeper layers of muscle tissue and therefore is suitable for clients who have more severe muscle tension.

Buyers Tips: If your muscle tension is causing pain seek medical advice before you book a massage. That way you can be sure there is no underlying issue requiring doctor’s treatment.

Lava Shell & Hot Stone

Typically using Swedish massage techniques, hot stones or lava shells are placed onto key points on the body to promote relaxation.

Sports Massage

The techniques employed in sports massage are designed to reduce recovery times, promote flexibility, reduce fatigue and prevent injury. This style of massage is suitable for those looking for a treatment which will complement and enhance a fitness programme. Don’t expect to be relaxed after this as it may be a little uncomfortable.

Thai Massage

Surprisingly, this is not what you’ll find on the beach in Phuket. Thai massage is carried out over clothes without oil and is influenced by traditional Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian medicine. The limbs are placed into yoga like stretches during the massage designed to increase flexibility and overall wellbeing. In contrast to Swedish massage the client is encouraged to engage actively in the treatment to energise and promote mindful engagement.

Buyers Tips: Thai massage has few similarities to Swedish Massage and can be quite taxing on the body. Therefore it is especially important to ensure the therapist is trained in the technique.

MILK Beauty Home Massage

Our home massage service, uses Swedish massage techniques. We will come to your home or hotel room at a time which suits you, meaning there is no need for you to battle traffic before and after your massage. We always bring with us a massage couch, a heated blanket, relaxing music, aromatherapy scents and support cushions, making our massage experience truley indulgent.

Book your MILK home visit massage, or treat a loved one to a MILK Massage with a gift voucher.