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Environ is a Cosmecutical Brand which can Change your Living skin cells

Environ Products and Environ Facials, like all Cosmeceuticals, use Active Ingredients which can change the behavior and appearance of your skin. And what we love is that Environ’s Skincare Products undergo clinical trials which are published in peer reviewed Medical Journals – giving us all comfort Environ Products stand up to the tough scrutiny of the medical profession!

Healthy Skin wants Vitamins! (Not nice smelling lotions + potions…)

our skin is made up of Vitamins. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are all vital ingredients in well functioning, healthy skin. Although the wonderful smells of lavender and ylang ylang are natural ingredients, they are from plants.

Very few plant extracts can be absorbed by our skin because they are not natural to our skin. Vitamins however are a key component of our skin, easily absorbed and readily used by our skin to improve function and appearance. This is why we use Environ skin care, because it works with your skins natural functions.

Here’s a little summary of what they do for your skin:

Vitamin A

Can penetrate skin cells, improve the DNA and appearance of Living Skin Cells

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  • Improves UV protection
  • Improves hydration
  • Helps reduce brown spots and pigmentation
  • Regulates sebum production, therefore excellent at controlling acne
  • Improves skin’s ability to protect from free radical attack
  • Improves blood supply to deeper layers of skin

Environ AVST is our Vitamin A skin cream of choice. It contains high levels of Active ingredients, which can be increased as you progress through the Environ AVST range.

MILK Top Tip: Always buy skin creams which have pump dispensers, not jars. This will prevent you transferring bacteria to the cream and onto your skin

Vitamin C

It’s a little unstable, but we love it nonetheless

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  • Regulates melanin production, helping lighten and brighten skin, reducing sun spots, liver spots and other pigmentation
  • Improves collagen levels in the skin
  • Smooths skin
  • Builds skin’s natural defences against UV rays

MILK Top Tip: Vitamin C is unstable and decomposes with time so only buy Vitamin C skin creams which have an expiry date

Vitamin E

Sadly there’s no proof that it helps reduce scaring…

However… Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant and therefore is extremely useful to your skin. It helps protects your skin from free radical attack and we suffer from city living, sugar, caffeine, alcohol (… and the list goes on). Vitamin E is a vital member of the anti-ageing brigade.


But Why can’t my Diet Provide all these Skincare Vitamins?

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Well, it might, but city living, caffeine, sugar, sunbathing and those late night drinking sessions all attack the skin’s Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E stores.

To put this into context… through diet alone it takes 7 days to replace the Vitamin A lost from 1 day of sunbathing, whereas Environ AVST cream replenishes the skin in just 3 hours.

When it comes to Getting Greaat Skin – Slow + Steady wins the Race

Environ believe ageing is like a chronic disease, requiring daily treatment. To keep your skin healthy and guard against ageing you need to keep it topped up on Vitamins and protected using broad spectrum barrier sun screen every day.

Skin cell turnover takes about one month, so skin creams need time to take effect – be patient and stick with a skin care regime which has been proved to work. Over time, with consistency, you will reap the benefits!

Milk Top Tip: Use a broad spectrum barrier sun screen every day, Environ RAD is our sun screen of choice because it sits on the skin’s surface, preventing free radicals penetrate the skin reducing ageing and skin damage.

Use Anti Ageing Galvanic Facials to Boost your Skin’s Health

There is no substitute for a great skin care regime, but adding regular anti-ageing galvanic facials will really turbo charge your skin. A galvanic facial uses positive or negative charges to propel products into the deeper living layers of the skin, making skin care products more effective.

Environ facials combine the well documented benefits of galvanic facials with sonophoresis, sound wave treatment. Sonophoresis enhances a facial’s effectiveness by making skin temporarily more porous and allowing products to penetrate to the lower, living skin cells.

The galvanic iontophoresis and sonophoresis used in an Environ facial is equivalent to massaging the products into your skin for 72 hours straight!

Milk Top Tip: Galvanic facials turbo charge the effects of your skin care products, so make sure your therapist carries out a thorough assessment of your skin’s needs and selects the right products for a galvanic facial.

Milk’s Environ facials use treatment ranges designed to fight ageing, acne, pigmentation, dehydration and congested skin. Have a look at what our client’s say about our facials.

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