New Year’s Resolutions, Two Months On… Stocking Up on Supplements


MILK’s mobile beauty therapist, Sarah, gives us the lowdown on her New Year’s Resolutions and finally committing to vitamin supplements.

As you may have read in my last blog, I have been on something of a new year revamp. Having discovered my inner yoga bunny and conquered Bikram, my next stop was nutrition.

As a mobile beauty therapist I am always on the go, and while I know this is no excuse, I must confess I do not have the best diet in the world; myself and healthy food have never had a close relationship. I have sporadically over the years taken the odd ‘multi-vit’ to no great jubilation of glowing skin, strong nails and voluminous locks

After seeing the Advanced Nutrition Programme stacked up next to our office fruit bowl I decided to join the rest of the MILK team and add some serious daily supplements to my diet. Here’s a run down of the supplements I’ve been popping daily and all my newly found knowledge on why!
Apparently our skin loves omegas, but we rarely have enough of it. Omegas are found in oily fish and seeds I for one defiantly don’t eat enough seeds! Supplementing your diet with Skin Omegas may help to ensure you get enough GLA (gamma linoleic acid), an omega 6 fatty acid which helps maintain the healthy appearance of skin.

The supplements also, increase hydration and smoothness of the skin and enhance the protection barrier of the skin. These little capsules of oil were tasteless and easy to swallow, a big tick for these ones!

Skin Omegas – Essential Skin Protection

This is the Big Daddy serious supplement. The Advanced Nutrition Programme tells me it is “a perfect all round multivitamin supplement recommended for every client as a foundation to good health and wellbeing” so no skipping this one! I must confess it’s quite a big tablet to swallow, but when I scan the long, long list of vitamins and minerals it contains it seems a small order to take this once a day after my meal.

Milk Beauty Vitamins

Advanced Skin Vitality

Skin Vit C to fight off Sun Damage

Skin Vit C is a supplement of Vitamin C (1000mg) this supplement is recommended for hayfever, colds, times of stress and if you suffer from frequent infections. It also will strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant so helps protect skin from sun damage and pollution – essential in London!

With all of these supplements I took them after a meal usually with dinner so I wouldn’t forget! After taking them for a month I can say that not only do I feel better, I have had complements on my hair looking thicker and have also noticed that my nails have become stronger and grow at a much quicker rate.

I will defiantly be continuing with the Advanced Nutrition Program and will be looking to introduce more supplements from the range into my program… I’ll be back to update you soon!

Sarah xx