Stephanie’s Guide to the Home Massage

Stephanie is one of our expert London mobile beauty therapists. Stephanie has been a beautician for over 8 years and visits clients for home massage services and for MILK Office + Events Massage Services

With stress and pressure becoming an everyday factor in most peoples lives its no wonder that once we finish our working day we are all looking for some way to unwind and relax. How lovely would it be to arrive home and have someone provide you with a massage (a good rubdown) a perfect way to relieve stress. In this blog I am going to teach you how you can give a relaxing massage at home.

Mobile Home Massage

There are various types of massage ranging from shiatsu, sports massage, reflexology and myotherapy. The best known however, is the Swedish massage. Swedish massage has relaxation as its main goal and it will be this type of massage that I am going to cover.

Getting Ready for your Massage

The environment for a perfect massage should be relaxing, no interruptions, and a comfortable temperature. The scene can be set with dim lighting, aromatic candles and some soothing music in the background. I find that the best music for a relaxing massage is instrumental based.

A massage is best performed on a hard surface so that a person is adequately supported. All parts of the person’s body should be covered and only uncovered while working on that particular area. The person can be covered with towels, a normal blanket or an electric blanket (especially good in the chilly winter months). There should be enough space left around the bed so that you have enough room to manoeuvre around and work on different parts of the body. Pillows and rolled towels can be used to support different areas of the body i.e the head, lower back and the backs of knees/ankles.

Mobile Home Massage

A massage medium is needed to perform a massage, there are various different types available with the most popular being oil based, creams and talcum powder can also be used if this is preferable. Massage mediums come in various different types, so you can choose which is best for you based on your individual needs. I particularly like ylang ylang scented oils.

The Massage Routine

If you are doing a full body massage I always start with a person lying on their back and work from the feet upwards, covering all parts of the body and finish on the back. You can first introduce your touch to the person through the towels to get a person used to your touch. Ask what type of pressure is required for the massage and are there particular areas of concern on the persons body that they would like to focus on.

Flowing Massage Movements

There are a few signature movements to perform a swedish massage; these are effleurage, petrissage, kneading and percussion movements. All massage begins and ends with effleurage. These are soft and fluid movements applied with the palm of the hand. It is a good way to get a person used to your touch and are soothing movements.

Mobile Home Massage

Kneading movements provide deeper pressure and usually manipulate the muscles, rhythmically squeezing the flesh and muscles. Percussion movements provide deep pressure through “noise” movements, ie cupping and hacking with the hands and is particularly effective for tension areas.

A few important things to remember while doing a massage are; always work up the body, pushing blood flow to the heart, never work down the body. Never apply direct pressure on the spine, movements should be applied at either side of the spine. Lastly, try and not break contact with your client once you have started the massage so that the flow is not broken.

Finishing your Home Massage

Once you have completed the massage you can soak up any excess oil with the towels placed over the body. It’s a good idea to offer a glass of water after the massage is complete.

Following a massage treatment a person should feel more relaxed and enjoy the benefits of massage which should include better sleeping and peace of mind.

Stephanie xx